We are dedicated to helping Rock County become a healthier place to live, work and play.

About Us

The coalition is a collaboration between the local hospital systems, clinics, substance abuse prevention coalitions, athletic clubs, school districts, governmental agencies, community organizations and local businesses.

Vision: To make healthy choices easier.

Mission: Use community collaboration to increase accessibility to physical activity, quality nutrition, and smoke-free living to improve health in Rock County.

Why Obesity Prevention?

According to the 2012 County Health Rankings, residents in Rock County can be healthier.  Of the 72 counties in Wisconsin, Rock County ranks 58th for Overall Health Outcomes, 62nd for Morbidity (overall health, physical health, mental health and babies born with a low birth weight), and 68th for Health Behaviors (how often residents smoke, drink, are physically inactive, have babies while teenagers and die in motor vehicle accidents).

The coalition’s goal is to transform Rock County into a place where:

  • Kids eat fresh, local fruits and vegetables at school.
  • Community members use schools for physical activity.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to live in smoke-free housing.

The Transform Rock County project is one of 30 communities around the state awarded Transform Wisconsin grants in an effort to create healthier places to live, work and play.


Our Partners

Be Healthy


Where Can I Buy Healthy Food?

To see when the next farmers market is, please visit our “online healthy eating calendar. more

Schools and Healthy Food

Transform Rock County’s Farm2School program helps connect local farmers with area schools so fresh, local foods can be served for lunch! Farm2School helps children understand where their food comes from and how their food choices impact their bodies, their environment and their communities. Transform Rock County is working with Parkview and Beloit School Districts to implement Farm to School programs for the 2013-2014 school year.

USDA Child Care Posters


Exercise in Rock County

Transform Rock County has worked with area school districts, like Beloit, Parkview and Milton, to adopt joint-use agreements, which allow area residents to exercise at school athletic facilities for free! Below are some great opportunities to exercise free-of-charge at local school districts. Beloit School District hosts open swim time from 6:00AM – 7:20AM every Tuesday and Thursday. Anyone can swim free-of-charge. Please enter through the Fieldhouse Lobby.


Where Can I Exercise?

To see where you can exercise close to your home, please visit our “online get moving calendar.” If you know of any upcoming events, please submit them to be put on our calendar! more


Worksite Point-of-Use Prompts

The adage is true – old habits ARE hard to break! And for most people, riding the elevator is an old habit. Some people even forget that there are stairs! Posting motivational signs at the places where people have a choice between the stairs and elevator is an important aspect of encouraging people to use the stairs.Research indicates that signs are an effective motivator for behavior change involving point-of-prompt decisions, like choosing between the stairs or the elevator. Below are links to sets of example prompts, published by the CDC’s Healthy Worksite Initiative, which you can print and post in your workplace.

Tobacco Free

Breathe Smoke-Free Air!

Studies show that up to 60% of the air you and your family breathe in comes from other units in the apartment complex.  This means that even though you and your family may not smoke, you might be breathing in secondhand smoke from another unit. The Transform Rock County coalition believes every Rock County resident should be able to breathe smoke-free air.  This includes everyone who lives in apartment buildings, or other multi-unit housing facilities.  The coalition is working with local landlords, property owners and associations to voluntarily make their buildings smoke-free. Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Facilities

Read all about the smoke-free housing announcement in the Janesville Gazette article, published on February 6th, 2013!


Other Tobacco Products

What are Other Tobacco Products (OTP)?

Other tobacco products, or OTP, are any tobacco products other than cigarettes, which are used for smoking or chewing, or snuff.  This includes, but is not limited to cigars, snuff, pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, blunt wraps, and chewing tobacco.

Kids are the target!  The latest advertising campaigns and other tobacco products are being marketed toward kids.  Chew, cigars, mini-cigars, snus, nasal snuff, and dissolvable tobacco now come in 20 appealing flavors such as cherry, grape, peach, chocolate and even “mellow.”  These products come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are even made to look like other children’s products such as candy, lip balm and mints!


Tobacco-Free Resources

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line
Tobacco is the Leading Risk
Factor for Chronic Diseases

Clear Gains

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